This policy must be read together with the privacy policy for the websites of the Calzedonia Group and is also applicable to the Atelier Emé s.r.l. website

What are cookies?
“Cookies are small text files that websites of the Calzedonia Group – to which Atelier Emé s.r.l. belongs – can create on the device you are using to view the website. Generally speaking the purpose of cookies is to store and transport information. This is useful for companies, who can measure the use of their websites, for example, as well as users, allowing them to set personal navigation preferences (e.g. language).
The Calzedonia Group’s cookie policy mainly involves:

• non-systematic and generalised use limited exclusively to specific circumstances and purposes;
• providing information to users concerning cookies used and gathering informed consent where necessary.

Calzedonia Group uses cookies on its websites mainly to improve your navigation experience. For example: if you have visited a page on our websites and customised it, and you want it to remain the same next time you visit, this is possible thanks to cookies. If you want to make purchases and have filled your shopping cart but have to abandon the session or switch off the computer, next time you visit the products will still be in your cart just how you left them. This is possible thanks to cookies.
Calzedonia Group cannot access any of your personal information (name, surname, email) via cookies unless you explicitly provide them.
If you continue reading, you’ll see that the Calzedonia Group websites use different types of cookies. Some of these are essential for the operation of the website, others are not. In any case, please remember: you can, at any time, set your computer’s browser to accept all cookies, only some cookies, or to refuse all cookies.

Which cookies do we use?
The cookies we use can be distinguished based on the amount of time they remain on the device you are using to navigate, where they come from and their purpose.

Duration of stay

Session (or temporary) cookies: these are deleted and disappear from your device when you exit the website and close your browser.

Permanent cookies: these remain on the device even after you have exited the website until you delete them or until they expire. Calzedonia Group websites create these types of cookies and store them on your device in order to read them next time you visit our websites. This allows you, for example, to keep the preferences you have set on the website for subsequent visits (e.g. wish list).


First-party cookies: these cookies are issued by the website you are visiting; the website is that corresponding with the address you typed (the website displayed in the URL window).

Third-party cookies: these cookies are issued by a website other than the one you are visiting (e.g. those used by our sales partners or our service suppliers, such as Google Analytics).


Strictly necessary or “”technical”” these cookies are essential for navigating the website you are visiting and using its functions. Without these cookies some online services you request (e.g. access to reserved areas, use of virtual shopping carts, etc.) cannot be provided. With these types of cookies we do not gather any of your personal information and can therefore never identify you in any way.

Performance cookies: these cookies gather anonymous information and help us to understand how users interact with our websites. For example, they tell us which are the most visited pages, the amount of time spent on the websites, any error messages, etc. The performance cookies we use only collect aggregated and anonymous data and are used to improve the functioning of our websites and your navigation experience. To find out more about deleting or managing performance cookies, please consult the last section on this page.

Function cookies: these cookies allow the website to remember your choices (i.e. text size, languages preferences, country, etc.) and provide you with the customised functions you have selected.

In some cases these cookies can be used to offer you online services (e.g. live chat services) or to avoid once again offering you services or messages that you have already refused in the past. Our websites issue these types of cookies onto to your device in an anonymous manner, without providing us with a means to identify you. To find out more about deleting or managing performance cookies, please consult the last section on this page. Please remember that if you delete these types of cookies your preferences and/or settings will not be saved for future visits.

Promotional or targeting cookies: promotional cookies are used to gather information on your navigation habits with the aim of offering you advertising messages as close as possible to your interests. This means that we also use them to limit the number of times you see a determined advertisement: for us it means we can advertise more effectively, for you it means receiving less invasive advertising that is more in line with your preferences. While you navigate on Calzedonia Group websites, promotional cookies allow us to have confirmation that you are reading our advertisements and to show you promotional content that we believe may interest you based on what you have viewed in the past. These cookies also allow us to show you content that you have recently viewed on Calzedonia Group websites for promotional purposes. Our websites use promotional cookies exclusively anonymously: we offer you targeted advertising but we don’t know who you are! The promotional cookies we use are permanent, even though they remain on your device for a limited time. They may be first-party or third-party in origin. To find out more about deleting or refusing promotional cookies, please consult the last section on this page.

Would you like to refuse or block cookies?

Most internet browsers are set by default to automatically accept cookies. This means that at any time you can set your browser to accept all cookies, accept only some cookies, or refuse all cookies, disabling the website from using them. In addition, you can normally set your browser so that it warns you each time a cookie is stored on your computer. At the end of each navigation session, you can also delete all the cookies gathered from your hard disc. If you’d like to delete the cookies installed in your browser’s cookie folder, please be advised that each browser uses different procedures to change settings.

Following the links below, you will find specific instructions on how to do this on the main browsers.

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If you’d like to know more about the properties of the cookies used on our Websites, please consult the following table