A day with Atelier Emé and my Girls

• 02 May 2016 •

Today I am really glad to tell you all about a new chapter of “My Wedding Diary”!
A really touching day for me…the one when I chose the bridesmaids’ dresses: my closest friends who will accompany me during this important journey. Atelier Emé made available for us their beautiful showroom and their exceptional consultants to help us chose the dream dress.
It was great fun trying on all the dresses and browsing through the different colors, patterns and style options, a bit Amercian Commedy style! The closer I get to the decisive day the more I realize that the dream is coming true, and having the possibility to share these magical moments is one of the things I care about the most..

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The dress of my dreams

• 11 April 2016 •

The post of today is a very special one, linked to one of the moments of my life that I will for sure remember for ever. I am talking about the first fitting sessions of what will become my wedding dress. A few weeks ago I went near Mantova to visit the company where all the beautiful creations of Atelier Emé are born. I had the chance to meet the team of seamstress and designers and together with Raffaella Fusetti, creative director, we started drawing and creating what could become the dress of my dreams. Step by step we are getting there, we are preparing for the creation of the perfect dress, the one of my dreams. A thrilling and unique experience..the choice of the shape and of the fabric, crystal embroideries or tulle… a beautiful dream that comes true…The best way to transmit my feelings is through the video that follows…

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My Wedding Diary

• 18 March 2016 •

Good morning boys and girls how are you?
I hope all is well!! I am back today with a column dedicated to the exciting journey of my wedding. We created, here on the blog, a dedicated section called ” My Wedding Diary” through which you will be able to follow me and go through each fundamental step.. Until the decisive day!! I am delighted to tell you about the exciting day I spent with my future brides mades for the first fitting session of my wedding dress…An indescribable feeling..seeing myself with a wedding dress touched me more than I could expect, I felt like a little girl!
As you might imagine, when I entered the Emé Atelier a whole new world opened to me…in a wedding dress, as you may immagine.

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