Welcome to the Calzedonia Group websites. Thank you for having visited our pages. While we have your attention, please note that access to the Calzedonia Group websites and use of the services and content delivered via the same, are activities regulated by these General Conditions of use (hereafter also “General Conditions”). In order to make these conditions easier to read we have provided them in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Please remember that by accessing our websites and/or using even only one of the Services provided via the same, you are confirming that you have read and accepted these General Conditions as they are published on this page. In the event you do not wish to accept these terms, please do not access or use the content and services offered on our websites.

For the purpose of clarity and ease of use, we have provided a glossary of the most frequently used terms on this page.

a) Calzedonia Group (hereafter also “Calzedonia”): indicates the controller of the Websites, domains and sub-domains registered to each of the brands and companies belonging to the Calzedonia Group, including, for example: CALZEDONIA, INTIMISSIMI, TEZENIS, FALCONERI, SIGNORVINO, HOTEL VERONESI LA TORRE, AGRIBEL, ATELIER EME’. Calzedonia Group is also the owner and/or proprietor and/or controller of the domains and Websites, and the Services and content delivered via the same, as well as all the infrastructure, digital and otherwise, that supports them;
b) Websites: indicates web portals belonging to the Calzedonia Group, comprised of a range of Services and Content made available to the Users that visit them;
c) Services: the combination of activities and operations that Users can perform with respect to the Content made available on the Websites;
d) Content: this includes, as a non-exhaustive example, text, documents, audio-video material, information, graphics, photographs and images, illustrations, drawings, logos, works and all other types of original or reproduced material published on the Websites or sent via them, including software and Website operating logics as well as menus, web pages, layouts, graphics and colours.
e) User: indicates users of the Websites and Services delivered via the same

How can I find out if the conditions detailed on this page have changed?
If you wish to keep up to date regarding our General Conditions, we suggest you consult this page on a regular basis. This will allow you to check whether any changes have been made since you last visited the Website. Each time it modifies these General Conditions, in whole or in part, Calzedonia shall make the updated version available by publishing it on this page.

Can I use the Calzedonia Group Websites for professional uses?
The content and Services provided by our Websites are normally intended for personal use. This means that if for example you view pages and download information about products etc, you are bound to perform these actions as a subject operating for uses that do not include any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activities.

What are the conditions and limitations I must adhere to when using Calzedonia Group Websites?
When you access our websites and the associated Content and Services, you are bound to:
– navigate and use the Websites and Services at your free and complete discretion, and exclusively under you own responsibility;
– not use them for illegal purposes or to commit illicit activities;
– not use them in such as way as to interrupt, damage or compromise their efficiency and operation in whole or in part;
– understand that Calzedonia will accept no liability for any damages that may occur to your computer and other equipment belonging to you and/or third parties or data stored on the same, except in the event of fraud or gross negligence on the part of Calzedonia;
– indemnify Calzedonia and its employees against any responsibility for your conduct during the use of our Websites and Services;
– indemnify Calzedonia against any responsibility for losses or damages in any way connected to the use and operation of the Website, including and without any limitation, damages derived from the suspension, interruption, failed operation and/or inaccessibility of Websites and Services, damages arising from the transmission of any viruses or damaging material to the User’s computer, damages due to loss of business, loss of funds, interruptions to business, loss of commercial information and/or any other type of monetary losses, except in the event of damages caused by fraud or gross negligence;
– declare to be aware and accept that Calzedonia does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of Content and does not ensure that the Website, Services and Content are always provided without interruptions, punctually and securely;
– accept that Calzedonia does not guarantee that any material errors in the Content and Services delivered via the Website will be promptly corrected.

Are the images and photographs found on Calzedonia Websites reliable?
The images and photographs and all other representations on Calzedonia Websites are provided for illustrative purposes only. Calzedonia constantly adopts measures aimed at ensuring that the photographs shown on the Websites are faithful reproductions of the original products, employing every possible technological solution to reduce inaccuracies to a minimum. It is however possible that some variations may occur when viewing images. These variations may be caused by various problems, also technical in nature, and can sometimes be traced to the colour resolution specifications of your computer. As a result of this, Calzedonia cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the graphic representations of products shown on the Websites due to the technical reasons given above.

Can I use the Calzedonia Websites if I’m under 18 years old?
You are free to navigate our websites even if you are under 18 years old. What you cannot do is use Services that require registration or the submission of data or information. Registration and the use of services made available through Calzedonia websites is exclusively granted to those aged 18 or over. No one under this age should register with the websites or use the services provided through them. In all cases in which you access and use even only one of the Services that require registration or the submission of data or information provided via the Websites, you must guarantee that you are over 18 and that you possess the legal right to stipulate binding contracts.
When you are browsing the Internet and you see or are asked for information that you do not understand or are unclear about, always ask your parents for help. Remember: this rule always applies, not only for Calzedonia websites, but for all the websites you visit.

What policy does Calzedonia apply in terms of brand names, domain names and intellectual property?
Calzedonia, is the proprietor or licensee of present and future logos and registered trademarks for, by way of example: CALZEDONIA, INTIMISSIMI, TEZENIS, FALCONERI, SIGNORVINO, HOTEL VERONESI LA TORRE, AGRIBEL, ATELIER EME’, and all other distinctive signs, including the associated words and associated domain names registered for each brand and company belonging to the Calzedonia Group.
Calzedonia reserves the right to make exclusive use of its logos, trademarks and distinctive signs.
Content and all other material present on the Websites protected by copyright, trademark and patent legislation and/or other laws, cannot be copied, modified, reproduced or used in any other way except on the express written authorisation of Calzedonia, even owing to further contractual agreements and negotiations stipulated with the User.

What are COOKIES and how are they used by Calzedonia?
Calzedonia websites make use of cookies, some of which are sent by third parties. For further information on the cookie policy for Calzedonia Websites, please consult the associated pages (Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy). The Websites may contain links to other websites not belonging to Calzedonia. Please be advised that these websites are not managed or controlled by Calzedonia in any way and that Calzedonia cannot therefore be held responsible in any way for the content and regulations present on the same. These General Conditions apply exclusively to Calzedonia Websites and not to any other websites that the User may reach via links.

Can I send and load Content onto Calzedonia Websites?

How does Calzedonia protect my privacy and my information?
Calzedonia places a great deal of importance on privacy. We are particularly committed to protecting the privacy of users of our websites; if you would like to know how we do this please read our Privacy Policy

Calzedonia adopts security measures and technical and organisational measures aimed at protecting the security of our Websites and the Users that visit them. In particular, these measures are aimed at ensuring that the personal information of Users is protected against the risk of distribution, destruction, unauthorised access, abuse or illegal use.
With specific reference to the payment systems available for making purchases on our Websites, we use systems compliant with the PCI DSS standard in terms of the protection of credit card information ( No IT archive belonging to Calzedonia stores this information.
With specific reference to reserved access areas made available to the User (i.e. Wish list, My Account), these are subject to registration and the subsequent allocation by Calzedonia of access credentials formed of an identification code (UserID) associated with a key word (Password).
You can make the biggest contribution to your password’s security by following these few simple recommendations:
• keep your password a secret, do not tell it to anyone or write it down anywhere
• do not allow anyone else to use it
• if you are unsure if the secrecy of your password has been compromised, change it. Please be advised that in order to improve your security, our systems oblige you to change the password assigned to you on registration the first time you access the Website, so that no one other than you can discover it.
These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and shall be interpreted in accordance with the same. Any disputes inherent to and/or arising as a result of the same should be resolved exclusively by the Italian judicial system. The place of jurisdiction for the application of these General Conditions is the Tribunal of Verona.

Last update: August 24th 2015